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Learn how we benefit from welding and discover how it shapes the world around us.

Why Welding

Welding Joins Everything Together

Steel Girders

Becoming a welder can begin at any stage of life. Some people grow up around welding equipment, while others take interest years into their careers. Maybe your current job could benefit from welder training, or you’re an artist eager to create metal works of art. No matter your interest or skill level, welding can be for anyone.

The skilled trades have been experiencing a worker shortage for decades, and now more than ever, it’s important to train people to fill these much-needed roles.

Imminent Labour Shortage In The Next 5 Years

Welding and joining, and all related professions and trades, are vital to our Canadian economy, and offer excellent future career prospects for thousands of Canadians. However, North America is experiencing an unprecedented skilled trades labour shortage that we tackle head-on every day.

Total # of Welders Average Age of Welders % of Welders Who Are Women # of Welders Approaching Retirement Welder Shortage In 5 Years
Canada 81,000+ 39 4% 15,000 25,000+
US 750,000+ 55 5% 160,000 300,000+


The Benefits Of Welding Qualifications

  • High earning potential
  • Global opportunities
  • Earn while you learn through an apprenticeship
  • Always in high demand
  • Flexible career path
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Transferrable skills within the skilled trades
  • Start your own business
  • Diverse environments and industries to work in
  • Hands-on problem-solving
  • Rewarding and stimulating work
CWB Welding Foundation worker at factory
Engineer teaching apprentice to use tig welding machine

Becoming A Welding Apprentice

Training typically starts at a post-secondary institution or sooner if you attend a high school fortunate enough to have skilled trade programs. Most colleges offer multi-year programs where welding processes, metallurgy and other relevant courses are explored to prepare you for the next phase of your welding career; an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship program combines hands-on training provided by the employer and technical training from the institution to build your expertise quickly. During this period, the apprentice earns income while they learn on the job, which is an attractive alternative to expensive tuition costs.

Apprenticeship pathways vary from province to province and could include direct entry to employment, post-secondary apprenticeships and welding engineering. We encourage welding students to check with local apprenticeship authorities to ensure that an employer properly follows provincial regulations.

To learn more about apprenticeship pathways in your province, visit the Welder Certifications and Training Requirements website.

Critical to Industries Across The Globe

In the construction site a welding workers at work


Commercial and residential construction includes infrastructure, bridges, buildings, traffic systems and renovations.

Automobile manufacturing


Auto body repairs. Component fabrication. Car manufacturing in car plants.

Laser welding


Repair, replace and overhaul key components such as the engine and airframe. Prototype fabrication.

Wind turbine in country side

Green Technology

Creating a better future by building wind and water turbines, biodiesel power plants, and recycling and waste management facilities.

Workers on steel used to weld with electric welding machine

Marine and Shipbuilding

Build, repair and maintain everything from cruise liners, cargo ships, tankers, and aircraft carriers.

Welder mounts in the trunk pipeline electrochemical protection

Oil and Gas and Pipelines

Pipeline construction and maintenance. Repair and maintain drilling and rig platforms both on land and offshore. Design, fabricate and reshape sections and structures.

Nurse with surgical equipment

Health Care

Replacement heart valves and pacemakers. Surgical instruments and implantable devices.

Processing of a welded seam with the help of a worker


Weld together high voltage equipment and pipe systems in nuclear power plants. Complete crucial repairs in radioactive environments.

Ferris Wheel Steel Structure Under The Blue Sky

Arts & Entertainment

Constructions of hotels, casinos, theatres, sports complexes and theme park rides.