Our Initiatives

We're focused on 6 key areas



The CWB Welding Foundation will seek ways to engage students at the Elementary School level in the opportunities that exist in the welding industry. This will ensure that elementary school students are exposed to these opportunities prior to course selection for high school, which typically is the first opportunity students have for hands-on welding instruction.



Secondary students who wish to pursue an apprenticeship or post-secondary education in welding are invited to apply through our student awards program. In addition, we provide all secondary schools in Canada with personal protective equipment and secondary educators with CWB Acorn curriculum at no charge.  Capital, equipment, and consumables support is provided as per program guidelines to qualifying applicants as per funding availability



The CWB Welding Foundation provides support through student awards for Secondary School students to attend post-secondary studies in welding. The Foundation encourages students to continue their studies and re-apply each year of their post-secondary welding education. Our goal is to ensure that students are given the necessary support to complete their programs and move towards apprenticeship or employment in the welding trade.


Open Doors

Women in Trades
Finding ways to engage and encourage women to consider a career in the trades is growing in popularity at educational institutions all across Canada. The Foundation will seek to support women in welding trades programs.

At-Risk Youth
The CWB Welding Foundation will seek opportunities to support at-risk youth through programs that will help to build confidence, teach new skills, and ultimately provide hope and direction.

The CWB Welding Foundation will seek opportunities to support Indigenous groups through our programs and awards.




Skills Canada

CWB Welding Foundation has been supporting Skills Canada since 2014. Skills Canada provides a platform for skilled trade’s welding students to showcase their talents, learn from peers, and achieve recognition that will help advance them in their future. CWB Welding Foundation is proud to advocate and support young welders in Canada through our support for Skills Canada.


Applied Research

The CWB Welding Foundation provides Applied Research funding to support scientific study and research, typically at the post-secondary level, that seeks to solve practical problems in welding.