Who We Are

A national registered charity that relies on the support of industry and community organizations to address the welding skilled trade shortage in Canada. CWB Welding Foundation is actively seeking to develop one-time and multi-year partnerships to support our initiatives, programs, and awards.

The CWB Welding Foundation is a national registered charity that relies on the support of industry and community organizations to address the welding skilled trade shortage in Canada. Through education based programs and initiatives, we continue to reduce barriers that affect key groups; elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students and educators, Indigenous People, women, and the underrepresented. We envision a future where all individuals are encouraged and provided the support needed to reach their true potential in a career in welding regardless of identity factors, social and financial status, and lived experiences including gender, age, ethnicity, language, literacy, culture, income, and geographical location.

Our Vision: to support Canadian welding industry in having a sustainable labour supply of skilled welding professionals that contribute to our economic prosperity.

Our Mission: to forge partnerships between industry, education and government that enable Canadians to build great careers in the welding industry, through encouraging awareness, training, the promotion of best practices through a quality educational experience, impartial advocacy and greater accessibility.

How we are Funded

In 2011, the CWB Group Board of Directors and Management recognized that the current activities of CWB Group with respect to industry support primarily through existing bursary and scholarship programs was not sufficient to address the significant challenges the industry is facing. At that time, CWB Group provided a limited number of scholarships and bursaries, direct funding for universities, and funding for university based research. In response to industry needs, the CWB Welding Foundation was created in April of 2013 as a federal non-share capital corporation with Registered Charitable Status. The CWB Welding Foundation receives 75 percent of net profits from the for-profit division of CWB Group: CWB Education. The formation of the Foundation will allow both the expansion of our current activities and the launch of new initiatives in order to meet the needs of industry now and into the future.

By 2016, the demands of the industry have allowed the CWB Welding Foundation to expand their programs and initiatives to encourage, inspire, and support more Canadians to become part of the welding industry. As a result of this, the CWB Welding Foundation began to seek other sources of funding. The CWB Welding Foundation is working towards securing strategic partnerships with Canadian organizations that will provide funding in addition to the initial and existing funding provided by CWBi. CWB Welding Foundation has created partnerships with Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation in conjunction with Seaspan, TransCanada Corporation, LNG Canada and Enbridge. CWB Welding Foundation also seeks in-kind donations of materials, personal protective equipment and other necessary items to carry out programming.

Making an Impact

In just five years, CWB Welding Foundation has spearheaded significant change across Canada. We’ve responded and adapted to meet one of our nation’s key challenges to address the skills shortage and skills mismatch in welders, through enhanced welding education, and promoting welding as an exciting, stable, safe and rewarding career. Click here to view our Impact Report.