Post-Secondary School Award

Promoting and encouraging the continuing pursuit of post-secondary education in welding


CWB Welding Foundation is currently reviewing program offerings and criteria for award selection as part of a strategic review. We are evaluating stakeholder needs while we continue to seek support from industry and community partners. Your patience is appreciated while we work on our new strategic plan. We look forward to opening our program and award applications in the New Year.



The Post-Secondary School Awards Program was founded in 2014 for the purposes of promoting and encouraging the continuing pursuit of post-secondary education in welding. Post-Secondary School Awards will be for College or University students who have shown academic excellence and/or a passion for the welding industry and are entering into their second or third year in a full-time program in welding at a publically funded Canadian College or University.

To be eligible to apply for the award, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be enrolled or in their final year of study in a full-time, 2, 3 or 4 year Canadian post-secondary program in one of the following courses:

  1. Welding Technician
  2. Welding Engineering Technology
  3. Welding Engineering Technicians
  4. Welding (Fabrication) Technicians
  5. Welding Specialist Engineering Techniques
  6. Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  7. Welding Engineering
  8. Mechanical, Materials or Civil Engineering with a focus or specialization in welding

Complete the online application form in its entirety. You will require the following in order to do so.

  • 2 references (cannot be a family member)
  • An essay (minimum 1,000 words) that includes information regarding the following weighted categories:
    Academic achievement and awards 40
    Strength of essay in describing career goals and interest in a career in the industry 15
    Strength of essay in describing personal challenges to post-secondary education 15
    Welding related volunteer or work experience 10
    Community and school involvement and accomplishments 10
    Overall essay – grammatically correct, free of errors 10
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members from the student's 1st year and/or an employer relating to the students activities in welding and related courses.
  • A current transcript verification report with specified previous year(s) program marks highlighted.
  • Proof of registration and/or acceptance into one of the above programs.

All applicants must confirm their agreement with the following expectations should they be a recipient of the award:

  • Recipients must agree to be publically acknowledged and recognized.
  • Recipients must agree to include their name and photograph in any internal and/or external communications or marketing collateral that the CWB Welding Foundation deems appropriate.
  • Recipients must agree to the publication of their essay at the full discretion of the CWB Welding Foundation.