CWBi Acorn and UA Canada make a positive impact on skilled trades education

Woman of Steel participant welding a T joint in the horizontal position using the Shielded Metal Arc welding process.

Toronto, ON- CWB Group announced a strategic partnership with UA Canada, the leading professionals in the piping industry today. UA Canada will be adopting CWBi Acorn as a training tool for their welder members.

Through this strategic alliance, CWB Group and UA Canada will provide a platform for learning and enhance awareness of the skilled trades plus, combine their unparalleled expertise for a brighter future. “UA Canada has a long-established reputation of being a leader in the piping industry. The CWBi Acorn team is excited to partner with UA Canada and support their commitment to training excellence by providing them with a world-class educational resource. Our industry needs a strong workforce, and a strong workforce begins with quality training and skills development; This partnership will ensure that students, educators, and industry professionals are provided with a low-cost fully national training program,” shared Trent Konrad, Acorn Manager.

“UA CANADA has a history of over 130 years of educating and training apprentices and journeypersons in nine Interprovincial Red Seal trades for the pipe and welding industry and have the most highly trained and qualified specialty welders in Canada. We look forward to the partnership with CWB as one of the leading organizations on welding standards and qualifications to provide and promote the welding trades for youth, towards creating the new workforce for the future of our industry. Canada needs a new workforce of highly skilled motivated people, and the Acorn team will play a large role in enabling that workforce,” shared Larry Slaney, UA Canada Training Director.  

The welding industry is continuously changing and adapting to new technology and innovation in the workplace. CWBi Acorn is a state-of-the-art program that meets the needs of these challenges and provides industry-relevant content for both educators and learners. The fundamental purpose of this partnership is to provide our future skilled workforce with the right resources at any stage of their career to succeed in their goals.

About CWBi Acorn:

The CWB Group is investing for a better future, and that starts with education. It is one of the CWB Group’s goals to drive both knowledge and competency through the development of a national training program for welding and fabrication professionals.  At the heart of CWBi, Acorn is its world-class content that has been developed with the needs of today’s learners and educators in mind. To show commitment to the program, the CWB Group is fully funding the development of CWBi Acorn, giving back to the industry that supports it, and creating the one thing industry needs most to succeed- well-trained employees. To learn more about our exciting program, please visit

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