Beamsville students tour Advanced Welding Technology Centre

For 30 students from Beamsville District Secondary School, the topic of discussion was welding, as they toured the Canadian Welding Bureau Group’s Advanced Welding Technology Centre (AWTC) and tried their hands on a virtual welding simulator on November 25, 2014.

“The students were fantastic,” said Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation that hosted the welding students. “They were engaged, enthusiastic and very intrigued by the welding simulator and all of the great career opportunities in the welding profession. It was a pleasure working with the Beamsville District Secondary School to host such an educational event.”

Welding students from grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 listened attentively to a presentation featuring the welding profession, various welding processes and the avenues regarding careers in welding and then they tested their skills on a virtual welding simulator and competed for the highest score to win an auto-darkening welding helmet.

“The students had a great time learning all about welding and they really enjoyed the welding simulator,” said Paul Grummett, SHSM Lead Teacher, Welding and Manufacturing. “It was wonderful seeing the interest the students had towards learning about the entire welding profession. I know a lot of them walked away just waiting to get back into the shop and start welding. I want to thank the CWB Welding Foundation for this great opportunity to show the students how vast the welding profession is and how important it is to the Canadian economy.”

One of the students, Owen J. Cole, grade 12, who attended the event, said it was “a blast, especially the welding simulator – that was a lot of fun.”

“I’ve been interested in welding for a long time,” he said. “As a kid I always enjoyed building things with Lego and with welding you’re not in an office, but out in the field building things. I really enjoy it and I see myself welding large buildings and being 100 feet in the sky – that would be very cool.”

The CWB Welding Foundation will continue to work collectively with schools, school boards and educators to promote the welding profession and the CWB Welding Foundation Awards program that assists students financially who want to pursue a welding career, both at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

“Working with Paul, the students and Beamsville District Secondary School was a true pleasure,” said Mates. “Seeing how enthusiastic the students were about welding reaffirmed the direction of the CWB Welding Foundation. We are looking forward to working with Beamsville District Secondary School in the future and bringing some of the students back for the opportunity to light some sparks with some of our best welding instructors.”