CWB Welding Foundation and Esteem Women host Mind Over Metal Welding Camp at the College of the North Atlantic

BURIN, NL - Oct 1, 2015 - The CWB Welding Foundation will introduce local students to the welding profession by funding a Mind over Metal welding camp at College of the North Atlantic’s (CAN) Burin campus in Newfoundland and Labrador. The CWB Welding Foundation hosted its first pilot welding camp in Edmonton, Alberta last summer and is now introducing the camps to all provinces and territories across Canada. The growth of the project will allow for even more cities across Canada to partner with the CWB Welding Foundation and host this exciting opportunity.

The camp at CNA’s Burin campus camp will be hosted by Esteem Women of Newfoundland and Labrador. This free camp funded by the CWB Welding Foundation will run during two consecutive weekends beginning Oct. 2, 2015.

“These camps are specifically designed to provide at risk youth with an introduction into the welding profession and the great career options that are available, while being supervised by professionals in a safe environment,” said Deborah Mates, Director of the CWB Welding Foundation.

“Esteem women aims to increase women’s participation in skilled trades. By providing girls with the chance to try welding through opportunities like the CWB Welding Foundation Mind over Metal camp, we are building confidence and creating empowering experiences for them,” said Mary Clarke, Esteem Women.

“We’re excited for the young women who will be given an opportunity to discover a trade that can offer them a promising and exciting career,” said CNA President and CEO, Ann Marie Vaughan, nothing the age of the participants, aged 12-17, is an important time when exploring possible career paths. “It’s never too early for today’s youth to see what their future may hold – this camp will increase their awareness of the trades and technology sector, which is the all important first step.”

Welding safety, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), introduction to weld symbols, and a brief overview of the impact welding has on our daily lives will be part of the camp. Once the theoretical part is completed, the students will practice on the welding simulator and then have fun with real arcs and sparks.

 “It’s going to open up a lot of possibilities to the students because this is such a unique opportunity. It’s going to be hands-on and fun so when they finish they’ll have great memories and hopefully feel inspired to pursue a career in the welding profession. We are excited to be able to bring this opportunity to the provinces and territories and expose youth to something they may never have imagined. We are very appreciative of the support from industry, parents, Esteem Women, and College of the North Atlantic for allowing us to use their facilities. It is quite remarkable,” said Mates. “This is just one of many outreach projects throughout the country the Foundation has planned for this year.”