The CWB Welding Foundation Secondary School Awards put opportunity first

Initiatives of the CWB Welding Foundation are rooted in increasing public safety and also promoting welding as a career. Together these mandates work to ensure that the skilled labour shortage in the welding trade is addressed. The CWB Welding Foundation has worked to develop program initiatives that aim to fulfill these mandates. One of these initiatives has been designed to assist secondary school students who wish to further their interest in a career in welding. With the support of the CWB Welding Foundation, secondary school students have the opportunity to advance towards their future career in welding.          

“We give students the opportunity to receive funding assistance for their education in welding. Students from across Canada are able to apply and receive funding of up to $2500 that goes directly towards tuition costs,” said Deborah Mates, executive director of the CWB Welding Foundation. “Many students may have the desire to achieve a career in welding but are in need of financial assistance. It is the role of the CWB Welding Foundation to support these students as they take the next steps towards their career in welding. For many of the students who apply, the funding covers a major portion of their tuition costs which gives them great financial relief and the peace of mind that they are being supported in their efforts. Students are overwhelmed by the support and so proud of being selected as a recipient.  We are doing our best to present these awards in person to the student and include their families in this important celebration.”

The recent call for applications which closed January 30, 2015, brought in well over 30 interested students from across Canada. Twenty-six students met all the requirements of the application and received awards. Eligibility for the awards is determined through several factors. Students must be applying to or entering into a full time certified post-secondary welding program, and their ability to describe their passion for welding is significant in their application.

There is also a supplementary award that secondary students can apply for titled The Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award. This award is given to one student who shows exceptional academic excellence and a demonstrated passion and commitment to a career in welding. This award is disbursed in the amount of $3000. It was created to honour the leadership of Mr. Doria as Chairman of the CWB Group Board of Directors from 2009-2013 for the purposes of promoting and encouraging the pursuit of a career in Welding.

In all cases, students are required to prepare a 500 word essay that includes mandatory information about their school, work and volunteer experience, their personal challenges, career goals, their decision to further their education in welding through post-secondary school, and academic achievement awards. In combination with the essay, students are required to submit their secondary school transcripts, and a letter of recommendation from an individual that can attest to the applicants welding activities or courses.

This year the Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award was given to Matthew Smith who attends the Western Quebec Career Centre. “This means so much to me,” said Matthew Smith, recipient of the award. “I’m lost for words to be honest. I’m very thankful to receive this award and I want to thank everyone who helped me realize my full potential. I look forward to a rewarding career in the welding profession.”

The CWB Welding Foundation strives to ensure that all individuals looking to pursue a career in welding have the support they need. Visit for more information on all of the initiatives created by the CWB Welding Foundation including the post-secondary school award. The deadline for this year’s award applications is February 1st, 2016.

Efforts to educate and create awareness of the awards program continue across Canada at trade shows, career fairs, schools, and conferences. The CWB Welding Foundation is seeking to identify high schools across Canada with welding programs. Please contact the Foundation if your school is not receiving information regarding our programs and we will be sure to include you on our distribution list.

List of students who received awards:

Joseph G. Doria Student Award

  • Matthew Smith


  • Ryan Bracken
  • Tessa Corrigan
  • Isabelle Crete
  • William Dupuis
  • Robert Fillmore
  • Thomas Gagnon
  • Jessy Gravel
  • Mehereteab Lakew
  • Loren Shattler-Willcott
  • Stephanie Soucie
  • Steven Williams
  • Neil Williams


  • Hayden Bucheler
  • Philip Dyck
  • Colton Harrison


  • Matthew Edge
  • Kendra Ferguson
  • Hayden Handke
  • Matt Humber
  • Amanda Leclair
  • Corey Piotrowski
  • Danya Rockwell
  • Pail Seabrook

British Columbia:

  • Shannon Fraser
  • Dallas Korfman