CWB Welding Foundation supports World Skills Competitor

The World Skills competition is still months away in August in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but Skills Canada Nationals welding gold medalist Tommy St. Martin is practicing full time in order to ensure he is ready for the fierce competition expected in welding.  

In order to assist Tommy the CWB Welding Foundation has provided $10,000 in instructor training in order to give him the best chance possible to bring home Gold at World’s.  In addition to these costs, monthly cost of living expenses will be provided for Tommy as he will need to give up his part-time job in order to meet the heavy training schedule.  “I’ll work very hard with my teacher to increase my welding techniques for World’s,” Tommy said. 

For the welding and fitting student, it’s all about preparation. Leading up to Skills Nationals, he spent countless hours striking an arc and working on the finer details to refine his skills “I trained extensively for two months at school on steel, aluminum and stainless,” he said. “There were a lot of long hours making sure I got it right, but I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot.” 

Being called on stage to accept the gold medal was a thrilling moment for the young welder, and it was a clear indication of the hard work he put into his work leading up to the competition.  “It felt great winning the competition. It gave me three times the confidence I had and I’m looking forward to competing at the Worlds,” he said. “There’s going to be great welders there from all over the world – the event is going to be very intense. I would like to thank the CWB Welding Foundation for their support.” 

For St. Martin, welding is his escape and he enjoys all aspects of the trade. “I really like welding because it involves managing a project from the beginning, interpreting the technical drawing to welding and the final touches to make it look amazing,” he said. “I really enjoy all the fabrication aspects of a project.” 

As Tommy continues to hone his welding skills, he also has aspirations to own his own welding business while maturing as a welder with an ultimate goal to obtain his Red Seal certification. He’s also eager to be a worthy representative for Canada at the World Skills competition in August.  

“It’s a big weight to carry competing at World’s but I I’m very excited for the opportunity.” 

The 19-year-old credits a close friend for his success.    

“Without my best friend Alex Roy, I wouldn’t be here today,” he said. “He pushed me and encouraged me to do the best I could. He’s a big reason why I’m going to Brazil.” 

The CWB Welding Foundation is honoured to support Tommy and we will be watching closely and cheering him on as he faces this exciting journey in Brazil.  Be sure to watch for the follow up story on his success.