CWB Welding Foundationhelps high school welding educators to attend Educators' Conference

Milton, ON: The Canadian Welding Association Foundation (CWB Welding Foundation) continues to support high school welding educators from coast to coast to coast.

The latest initiative will help 20 high school welding teachers attend the country’s only and largest Welding Educators’ Conference hosted by the Canadian Welding Association (CWA), by funding their expenses for the two-day event in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan from May 25 – 26, 2015.

“Welding educators are the backbone to the overall long term viability of the profession,” said Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation. “Without their commitment, the gap of qualified welding professionals would be greater than its current situation. The fact that these educators will learn a lot at this conference and then pass that knowledge down to each of their students as well as other welding educators within their boards is compelling. It is part of our mandate for the CWB Welding Foundation to assist essential professional development for educators.”

One of the welding educators who will be attending the conference in Dayton Block, a Red Seal Journeyman welder and welding and fabricator instructor at St. Joseph High School in Edmonton Alberta.

“I’m very thankful that the CWB Welding Foundation has given me this opportunity,” he said. “This conference will be a great learning experience and I’m looking forward to attending. Being an attendee at these types of conferences really helps promote a positive discussion and change in terms of welding education. It’s very beneficial to the overall enhancement of the profession.”

This is the first year for this funding initiative, however, it will be ongoing and educators are encouraged to seek more information on how to apply by visiting the CWB Welding Foundation’s website. 

“Although this is the first year, the response has been great,” said Mates. “It’s encouraging to see welding educators engaged and eager to learn and then have that desire to pass down that knowledge to their students. It’s very encouraging that the initiatives the CWB Welding Foundation is embarking on are taking hold and changing the Canadian welding industry for the better.”

“We are also reaching out to high school welding educators to assist with gathering information about which high schools have welding programs in the country. We are working hard to identify these schools and we would appreciate teachers coming forward to assist with this task.”