Welding has no boundaries

Burnaby, BC - June 16, 2016 - The Canadian welding industry has many great career opportunities ranging from welder, welding inspector, welding researcher and even a welding engineer.

To introduce students from ages 12-15 to the trade, the CWB Welding Foundation in partnership with Ironworkers Local 97 and the Industry Training Authority (ITA), will be hosting a welding summer camp in Burnaby, BC for students from the BC School for the Deaf.

The CWB Welding Foundation hosted its first pilot welding camp in the summer of 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta and is now introducing the camps to all provinces across Canada for the months of June, July, and August. The CWB Welding Foundation will be funding over 35 camps in almost every province and territory across Canada, with British Columbia hosting nine - from as north as Fort Nelson to southern BC in Burnaby and Duncan.

The camp in Burnaby will be hosted by Ironworkers 97, in partnership with ITA and the BC School for the Deaf. This is the first welding opportunity offered to deaf students in Canada, and quite possibly the world. The camp is free for students and will run June 20- June 24th, 2016.

“The students at the BC School for the Deaf are often overlooked when it comes to opportunities in the trades and we want them to experience welding from a hands-on perspective,” said Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation. “The support from industry, parents, ITA and Ironworkers 97 for allowing us to use their facilities is quite remarkable. This is one of many outreach projects throughout the country the CWB Welding Foundation has planned for this year, but it is probably the most unique in terms of the demographic. We are very proud to be offering this camp to these students.”

Derek Dinzey Apprenticeship Coordinator for Ironworkers Local 97 says “Giving this opportunity to students who wouldn’t usually be able to try welding is a great honour. When we were approached by the CWB Association, we thought what an excellent opportunity to introduce young people to the trades. Welding is a skill used in every major project in British Columbia. The Ironworkers could not be happier to be a part of this. Ironworkers Local 97 sees this as a potential steppingstone to apprenticeships in trades. Working in the trades is not a job, it’s a career and a very rewarding profession.”

Gary Herman, CEO, ITA, said partnering with all stakeholders with regards to this camp is very rewarding.

“We are excited to be a part of this innovative youth outreach initiative with the CWB Welding Foundation, Ironworkers Local 97and the BC School for the Deaf,” said Gary Herman, CEO, ITA. “BC’s youth have so much potential and are integral in keeping BC’s economy growing strong. Camps like this are a great way to reach youth earlier and get them inspired and thinking about careers in trades.”

These camps are specifically designed to provide at risk youth with an introduction into the welding profession and the great career options that are available, while being supervised by professionals in a safe environment.

Welding safety, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), introduction to weld symbols, and a brief overview of the impact welding has on our daily lives will be part of the camp. Once the theoretical part is completed, the students will practice on the welding simulator and then have fun with real arcs and sparks while they create their very own projects like cowbells, and business card holders.

Camp Location:
Ironworkers Local 97, 6891 Macpherson Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5J 4N2
Date: June 20- 24th, 2016 Time: 9am-3pm Mon-Fri. Student Awards Presentation: Fri. June 24th, 10am


For media inquiries please contact:
Deborah Mates, Executive Director, CWB Welding Foundation
800.844.6790 ext. 241


About the CWB Welding Foundation
The Foundation’s key mandates are to support public safety awareness, and to address the skilled welding labour shortage in Canada. It will also focus on creating access to educational opportunities for all levels of education from elementary through to post- secondary, as well as indigenous peoples, women, those with disabilities and visible minorities.

About ITA
The Industry Training Authority (ITA) leads and coordinates British Columbia’s skilled trades system. ITA works with employers, employees, industry, labour, training providers and government to issue credentials, manage apprenticeships, set program standards, and increase opportunities in the trades.

About Local 97
Local 97 represents over 1,800 men and women in the British Columbia ironworking industry. We have been representing ironworkers in BC and the Yukon since 1906, and the achievements of our members are all around you. From the bridges you drive across to the office towers where you work, chances are you have Local 97 to thank.