CWB Welding Foundation helps mothers learn about arcs and sparks

Ottawa, ON - January 9, 2017 - It’s going to be a full week of arcs and sparks for a group of adolescent mothers who will be participating in an exploratory welding course that could be the catalyst for a journey down the path of a welding career.

The CWB Welding Foundation in partnership with M. F. McHugh Education Centre and the Youville Centre will be hosting a welding course at St. Paul High School’s welding shop where the young women will learn basic welding theory, welding safety, and several welding processes and then put their new skillset into practice and successfully weld several projects.

“This is a great opportunity for these ladies to experience the welding profession in a safe environment and learn both the theory and hands-on components of welding and see if it’s a fit for them,” said Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation. “These exploratory programs are a great way for participants to get a feel for welding and over the years we’ve had a lot of success. Welding has so many career paths and it’s all about education and showing people that they have the potential to do whatever they have a passion for.”

Some of the projects include a metal photo frame, an artistic project that involves all of the welding processes the students will learn and a metal rose. 

“Welding programs offered to female students who otherwise may not have an opportunity to participate in such unique and interesting environments can be life changing,” said Charlene Hayes, Secondary Teacher McHugh Education. “I love seeing how they grew throughout the course and become more confident in their ability and really become engaged in a new way of learning.”

About the CWB Welding Foundation
The Foundation’s key mandates are to support public safety awareness, and to address the skilled welding labour shortage in Canada. It will also focus on creating access to educational opportunities for all levels of education from elementary through to post- secondary, as well as indigenous peoples, women, those with disabilities and visible minorities.

About M.F McHugh Education Centre
M.F. McHugh Education Centre provides educational programs and services to students who are in Care and /or Treatment, Custody and Correctional Facilities through funding provided by the Ministry of Education under Section 23 of the Grants for Student Needs, in partnership with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Children and Youth and Ministry of Health. The Ottawa Catholic School Board is the lead board in the coordination and administration of McHugh.

About Youville Centre
Located in Ottawa, Youville Centre is a non-profit, registered charity that serves adolescent mothers and their children. Youville’s trauma-informed, holistic programs and services include: crisis intervention, intensive mental health therapy and treatment, addiction counselling, collaborative problem solving, a licensed child development program with a focus on infant mental health, attachment-based parenting programs with intervention and treatment, and a fully accredited secondary school. For more than a quarter century, Youville Centre has been an innovative centre that motivates, educates and nurtures young mothers and their children to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

For media inquiries please contact:
Deborah Mates, Executive Director, CWB Welding Foundation
800.844.6790 ext. 241