Welding plays a significant role in Canada’s infrastructure growth, economic and skills development. The average age of a welder in Canada is 47, and with several major infrastructure projects underway or planned to commence in short order, skilled welders will be needed.

To help Canada mitigate a shortage of skilled welders, engaging youth and informing them of the vast career options in the Canadian welding industry is paramount for its long term success. That’s why the CWB Group’s Office of Public Safety and the CWB Association have partnered with the CWB Welding Foundation to bring awareness and support skills development.

We have created a social media campaign and need your help to reach our goal of $3,000.

This is how you can help. If you follow our corporate CWB Group Twitter handle, the Office of Public Safety and Canadian Welding Association will donate $10 to the Canadian Welding Association Foundation to support a post-secondary welding student with either their studies or apprenticeship training. If you Retweet our Tweets about #SupportSkillsDevelopment, $5 will be donated to the same fund.

So please Members of Parliament, get those thumbs going and either follow or retweet us. Let’s #SupportSkillsDevelopment.