Welding On Wheels Sparking Education At Rothesay High

Moncton, NB, Canada / 91.9 The Bend - Tim Herd

A welding trailer is now part of the curriculum at Rothesay High School.

The Welding on Wheels trailer has moved to the school for the second semester after spending its first semester at Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton.

After it spends its time at Rothesay High School, the trailer will move to travel to different schools each semester lacking the appropriate facilities.

“Even if we built one in some of these schools it wouldn’t be used every day in a school that doesn’t have enough population, but by having this move around students are going to be in it for a concentrated period, and get their flavour, and exposure to the trade, and then it will move onto another community,” said George Daley, deputy minister of education for New Brunswick.

Daley added the trailer is also a way to give students valuable learning opportunities.

The trailer was completed last summer and accommodates 16 students with eight welding booths, plus a grinding and cutting station, as well as a weld testing area.

It cost $240,000 cost to build and was split equally among the partners.

The partnership includes the province, the CWB Welding Foundation, Ocean Steel & Construction, and Source Atlantic.

“Welding on Wheels is an innovative concept that we hope will spark an appreciation in practical skills for our young people in New Brunswick,” said Ocean Steel & Construction and Source Atlantic chairman and CEO John Irving in a release.

“Whether as a foundation for a career choice or solely as exposure to another skill, this hands-on training as part of a complete education will be invaluable,” added Irving.

Welding on Wheels is part of an increase in experiential learning opportunities that supports the 10-year education plan and the Succeeding at Home: A green paper on education in New Brunswick.

Taken from: Welding On Wheels Sparking Education At Rothesay High | 91.9 The Bend (919thebend.ca)