Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships make us all stronger. They allow us to further our impact and support our mission, purpose, and aspiration. Get in touch with us today to collaborate and learn about our many partnership opportunities.

CWB Welding Foundation

Partnership Opportunities

Kids in welding equipment holding welded parts

We address the critical need for skilled professionals in welding, fabrication, allied processes and technologies with corporate support, and in partnership with educators, industry, labour, government, community and not-for-profit organizations. We all have a role in ensuring that Canadian industry remains competitive in the global economy, by ensuring that Canada has the required workforce in place, now and in the future.

By providing access to those wishing to explore the skilled trades, and facilitating education in both traditional and new career opportunities, we are ‘igniting futures’ and helping to close the skills gap and reduce the current and future projected need to replace and renew professionals in welding and joining industries.

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Every Contribution Matters

Contributions from supporters come in various forms; we strive to tailor impact objectives in relation to the community giving and/or workforce development priorities of our partners.

Current priorities and related funding opportunities include:

  • Financial investment in programs such as capital and equipment provided to secondary schools to support the development of a pipeline of welders required by industry now and in the future.
  • Unrestricted financial investment in support of our program areas of greatest need (eg:  Capital & Equipment grants, camps, instructor training, student awards).
  • Sponsorship of programs such as the CWB WeldSAFE program, Mind over Metal Camps and exploratory skills workshops, special events.
  • In-kind contributions of welding materials and consumables for camps and workshops.
  • In-kind contribution of time as a qualified volunteer instructor or industry representative.
  • In-kind contribution of space to host events such as camps, and instructor training initiatives.
  • In-kind contribution as an individual or group to facilitate outreach activities involving the use of a Virtual Welder at schools and career fairs to build awareness of welding.

*100% of the donations we receive go directly to support programming (no administration fees).

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