Applied Research Funding

Supporting scientific study and research that seeks to solve practical problems in welding.


Update: The CWB Welding Foundation is currently reviewing program offerings and criteria for award selection as part of a strategic review, and this review includes the Applied Research Funding Program. We are evaluating stakeholder needs while we continue to seek support from industry and community partners. Your patience is appreciated while we work on our new strategic plan. 


The Applied Research Funding program was launched in June 2015. The program supports scientific study and research, typically at the post-secondary level, that seeks to solve practical problems in welding.

  • Colleges or Universities applying for funding must be located in Canada and be accredited by the relevant Provincial or Territorial regulatory agency(ies) 
  • Research organizations other than educational institutions (e.g. National Research Canada) may be eligible for funding if the proposed research areas are determined to in alignment the mandate of the Foundation and this funding program. However, to be eligible these organizations must be located in Canada.
  • Colleges and universities applying for research shall preferably offer programs in welding, welding engineering or other related disciplines in line with the applied research areas proposed. 
  • The organization applying for funding must provide the space, facilities and services to enable its students and/or faculty members to conduct applied research.

CWB Welding Foundation funds must be used for direct costs of research however, some limited funds may be used for operating and equipment costs and for overhead and administration costs as outlined below. Certain expenditures related to project management are eligible as a direct cost of research as outlined below. The organization receiving funding must provide for any additional indirect or overhead costs.

Eligible expenses for Applied Research Funding

Type of Expenditure Eligibility of Costs
Salaries, stipends and/or benefits for students Eligible
Salaries, stipends and/or benefits for technical/professional researchers Eligible
Operating, equipment, material and supply costs Purchase or rental costs are eligible up to 20 percent of total project costs
Travel Travel required by college personnel to conduct the project is supported.

Costs related to travel expenses to attend international conferences to present research results is not eligible for funding.

Faculty release costs Eligible
Networking and technology-transfer costs Eligible
Overhead and administration Eligible, however a maximum of20 percent of the total amount funded can be used for eligible overhead costs.
Consulting fees Eligible, however, consulting fees paid for additional expertise or completion of specific project tasks are limited to a maximum of 20 percent of the total amount funded and will be approved only with strong demonstration of need.

Applications will be received and reviewed and approved by the CWB Welding Foundation Executive Director. At the discretion of the Executive Director, the application may also be reviewed by the CWB Welding Foundation Board of Directors.

The following categories will be considered when reviewing applications.

Nature of Project

The project must be one of applied research (as opposed to basic research) with the problem to be addressed clearly defined and the practical relevance to Canadian industry fully described.


The project must be scientifically sound, feasible and promise either to apply knowledge in an innovative manner and/or to lead to new knowledge or processes. The project plan must be appropriate, sufficiently detailed and reasonable. The proposal must demonstrate adequate college/university/institution support by detailing the specific commitments of the organization regarding the provision of financial support, equipment and/or access to facilities.


The research team must have all the expertise required to address the defined objectives competently and to complete the project successfully.

Potential impact

The proposal must identify how the work will lead to improved products, processes, policies, procedures or service delivery that benefits the company partner(s) and demonstrate how the project results will benefit the Canadian welding industry within a reasonable time frame.

Industry or partner support

Proposals shall preferably have at a minimum of one industry partner. The company partner must contribute an appropriate amount from its own resources to the project and be in a position to promote successful research results.

Contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel

The proposal must include a student training component and should indicate how the knowledge and experience gained by students, research assistants or others.

Benefit to Canada

The proposal should outline any additional benefits that could be realized in Canada to or by Canadian industry.

Availability of results

The project results must be made publically available upon completion of the project. Research projects conducted solely for the use of the industry partner(s) will not be considered eligible.

All applicants must confirm their agreement with the following expectations should they be a recipient of the funding award:

  • Recipients must agree to be publically acknowledged and recognized, and to the inclusion of their college/university name in any internal and/or external communications or marketing collateral that the CWB Welding Foundation deems appropriate.

The Executive Director is responsible to ensure the above expectations of recipients are fulfilled.

For projects up to 12 months duration, recipient organizations must send a final report including a statement of account on how the funds were spent. In addition, the CWB Welding Foundation requires that the industry partner(s) submit comments on the project's success to be included with the final report.

For projects longer than one year, an annual statement of account is required, and industry partners are required to confirm their continued participation in the project, and indicate their level of satisfaction with the progress to date. Where the industry partner’s(s’) satisfaction with the project's progress is not clear, the CWB Welding Foundation will request a progress report and appoint a technical liaison to assist in monitoring progress.