Capital Equipment and Consumables Fund

Support for Canadian secondary school welding programs


The Capital Equipment and Consumables fund (formerly called secondary school equipment and project support) was established to support the advancement of welding programs by ensuring safe, high quality equipment and learning environments are available to students. Since 2013, we have invested more than $3.5 million in upgrading welding shops in schools across Canada, with nearly $5.9 million in co-investment from educational partners, for a total investment of more than $9.4 million. This program and application process have been reviewed and enhanced to assist applicants in achieving success.

The amount granted to individual secondary schools will vary depending on factors including the amount of the request, the described need, potential impact, and geographic location from which the request is received. Requests over $10,000 will require funding contributions from third party sources (eg. government contributions, school boards, industry, individuals, and other funding organizations). Written confirmation of funding must be provided. In addition, a site visit by a CWB Welding Foundation representative will be conducted at no charge.

The selection of a vendor, supplier or manufacturer of [welding] equipment [and/or materials] is at the sole discretion of the recipient. CWB Welding Foundation cannot and does not recommend or endorse any particular vendors, suppliers or manufacturers of [welding] equipment [and/or materials].

Please note that for any welding machines requested, a maximum of $5,000 will be provided per unit.

To be eligible to apply for funding, applicants must represent a secondary school within a Canadian public or separate school board. To ensure compliance with CRA rules for registered charities, the school board must meet the criteria for a “qualified donee” as defined by CRA (e.g. the school board is a registered charity).

To be eligible for funding, requests must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. To support the launch of new welding programs at secondary schools which have no existing programs;
  2. To support the expansion of welding programs at secondary schools which have existing programs;
  3. To support the introduction of new welding related technology to improve either the effectiveness of the training methodology or to improve the attractiveness of the program to students.
  4. To support the purchase of welding shop safety equipment and PPE.

In all cases, the potential recipient must clearly outline the impact the funding will have on the success/uptake of the welding program, on the participating instructors and on the participating students.

Preference will be given to those funding request in which the CWB Welding Foundation will not be the sole funding source, e.g. Government matching programs, direct industry support, etc.


For consideration, applicants must provide a completed application.

There are two ways to apply:

  1. Online application form: If you have all the information and attachments prepared and ready to go, use our online application form (the link is in the sidebar). This form can be used when the application process is open. You must complete this form in one sitting (you won’t be able to save it and come back to it later.)
  2. Downloadable PDF form: If you need more time to gather information and attachments, you can download the PDF application form. When you have the form complete, print, sign, and scan the form, and email it along with all the necessary attachments to This form is accessible all year long.

The application will require you to complete the following information in addition to further details about the applicant:

  • An overview of welding programs currently in place including programs offered, number of instructors and level of student participation (please attach pictures of your welding shop E.g. ventilation, booths and machines)
  • A description of your current technology learning environment (please attach the floor plan or blueprint, and your welding shop e.g. ventilation, booths and machines)
  • A description of the need / gap that currently exists within the welding programs
  • A description of the proposed plan(s) for the future state of the welding program, including projections for student participation (a signed commitment from your school board is required)
  • A description of the equipment and/or material and/or curriculum that is required to support the plan, plus how the funding request will address these items
  • A list of other organizations or funding sources that have provided / are being or could be requested to provide funding to support the proposed plan
  • A detailed budget to support the proposed plan (please attach received quotes that will support the plan)
  • A description of how the CWB Welding Foundation will be recognized for its potential support

All applicant organizations must confirm their agreement with the following expectations should they be a recipient of funding:

  • Provide supporting documentation of products purchased with funds including;
    • Purchase receipts
    • Attached expense sheet filled out
    • Written summary of how the funds have benefitted the awarded organization and students/instructor experience including whether or not there has been an increase in enrollment to your program.
  • Agree to ensure that the funds/materials/equipment have been implemented into the learning environment and are being utilized to their full potential
  • Agree to be publicly acknowledged and recognized.
  • Agree to include the organization’s name and photographs in any internal and/or external communications or marketing collateral that the CWB Welding Foundation deems appropriate.

Upon confirmation of funding a written agreement will be provided by the CWB Welding Foundation for signature by school leadership for technology and board representatives.