CWB Association Chapter Awards

Student awards co-funded by the CWB Welding Foundation and CWB Association Chapters supporting students regionally across Canada.


CWB Association Chapter Awards

CWB Chapter Awards

The CWB Welding Foundation has a matching program with CWB Association Chapters to establish and co-fund student awards. To date, several Chapters and their members have established annual student awards programs:

  • The CWB Calgary Chapter (Student Paper Award, Capital & Equipment Award)
  • The CWB Edmonton Chapter (Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award)
  • The CWB Hamilton Chapter (Victor Oreskovich Award)
  • The CWB Nova Scotia and Halifax Chapter (The Emily Tuck Memorial Award)
  • The CWB Winnipeg Chapter (Phil McGregor Award)
  • The CWB Regina Chapter (Harold Molleken Scholarship)
  • The CWB Hugh A. Krentz Student Award
  • The CWB Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award
  • The CWB Nicole LeClair Welding Bursary Award

CWB Association Chapters

To learn more, contact your local CWB Association Chapter.