The CWB Welding Foundation continues to elevate educational success at all levels, advance workforce development, foster excellence and champion public safety by delivering world-class materials joining and allied technology awareness and education programs.

CWB WeldSAFE Overview

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Steadfast in our commitment to advocate for a culture of safety, we are pleased to introduce the CWB WeldSAFE™ program. An extension of our Capital Equipment and Consumables Grant, this new national grant program has been established to support the growing need for updated personal protection equipment (PPE). CWB WeldSAFE also provides enhanced safety resources to improve health and safety initiatives, awareness and education on the proper use and fit of safety gear in educational and workplace settings.

The CWB Welding Foundation is pleased to partner with IBB, a National sponsor, AltaGas and industry leaders, notably 3M, in providing resources and student kitting that includes welding helmets, N95 welding particulate respirators, eye/ear protection and more. Additional partners, Lincoln Electric and Weldready, support the program with preferential pricing for welding jackets, gloves, and foot protection.

Each CWB WeldSAFE custom safety kit includes:

  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Carry Bag, SG-90, black
  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Beanie, 06-0500-54, black
  • 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet 9002NC, 04-0100-20NC-CA
  • 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic Earplugs, 310-1060, uncorded
  • 3M™ SecureFit™ 500 Series Safety Glasses SF501SGAF-BLK, Black, Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating, Clear AF-AS Lens
  • 3M™ Particulate Welding Respirator, 8515, N95
  • Lincoln Electric Welding Jackets
  • Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves
  • Weldready Leather Spats foot protection
  • Weldready Welding Jackets Size Small
Two students about to weld

Through the generous support of our partners and the CWB Group, this exciting new initiative will advance educational quality and help ensure compliance with best practices for welding lab safety in secondary and post-secondary educational environments. Online resources will provide further support with usage guidelines, fitting and instructional videos complemented by the CWB Group’s online educational platform and the members of the consulting and educational learning development team.

The 2022-23 academic year has seen 62 secondary schools receiving 900 kits supporting 7,000 students enrolled in welding programs. These kits have already made a significant impact during the first year of a five-year commitment by CWB Welding Foundation and its partners.

Click below to view and download CWB Welding Foundation, CWB Education and 3M Canada safety resources for free:


Key Dates

March 1, 2023
Applications Open

May 31, 2023
Applications Close. This is the final date for all application submissions.

June 30, 2023
Applicants will be notified of the status of their application.

September 1, 2023
CWB WeldSAFE kits will begin shipping.


Application Form

Interested in joining our program? Fill out our application form today.

3M Canada Resources

For PPE product information, instructions and videos, please download our 3M Canada Resources document.

Safety Review

Download our safety review booklet to help improve safety in your school.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for funding, applicants must represent either an intermediate, junior, or secondary school within Canada. To ensure compliance with CRA rules for registered charities, the school board must meet the criteria for a “qualified donee” as defined by CRA (e.g. the school board is a registered charity).

The potential recipient must clearly outline the impact these kits will have on the success/uptake of the welding program, on the participating instructors and on the participating students.

Application Process

  • Applicants must provide a completed application. The following information will be required.
    • An overview of welding programs currently in place (including programs offered, number of instructors and level of student participation);
    • A description of:
      • The current programs offered, number of instructors and level of student participation.
      • Your current technology learning environment.
      • The need/gap that currently exists within the welding programs for PPE.
      • The proposed plan(s) for the future state of the welding program including projections for student participation.
      • How the CWB Welding Foundation will be recognized for its potential support.
  • Submit your completed application to CWB Welding Foundation at
  • All applications received will be reviewed for completeness and evaluated based upon the eligibility criteria through the selection process identified below.
  • Once applications have been reviewed and a decision has been made, applicants will be informed of their standing (approved, denied, waitlist.)

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by an advisory panel. Funding decisions are the responsibility of the CWB Welding Foundation and are approved by its independent Board of Directors.

For further information or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Programs Team at