Educator Training

The CWB Welding Foundation believes that secondary school educators should be supported through professional development in welding

Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in the CWB Welding Foundation Train the Trainer Workshops program.

The CWB Welding Foundation provides two-day professional development sessions to metalwork teachers, broken down into three levels for welding teachers in secondary schools across Canada: level 1 SMAW (Stick) training, level 2 GMAW (MIG) training, and level 3 CWB fillet weld qualifications test. The program is developed for each group depending on teachers’ preference and skill level. Upon successful completion of the training program, educators will receive their W47.1 fillet weld qualification, issued by CWB Group.

The CWB Welding Foundation staff has experience offering these professional development programs to teachers and we will work to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers regardless of their current understanding of welding.

Costs to be covered for the training sessions include the following, and are supported as required by the CWB Welding Foundation: 

  • Facilities cost at college/training facility
    • Dependent on if the school board has a high school facility big enough to host
  • Instructor fees
  • Materials fees
  • Consumables fees

Other related fees to host and support the sessions are negotiable, and sponsorship is appreciated.

The Train the Trainer package includes:

  • Theory presentation developed by CWBi Acorn through an online portal
  • Practical exercise booklet
  • Train the Trainer welding safety presentation
  • Material list for projects
  • Course outline and timetable
  • Certificate for attendees

Please use this form to provide a few details about your needs, and staff will contact you about next steps.

Are you a:
How many welding booths does your shop/the proposed host facility have?
How many welding programs are there within your school board?
Please indicate your suggested dates for training (use the DD-MM-YEAR format). Use the drop-down calendar that follows to validate your selection.
Please indicate the day you would like the training to start.