Igniting Bright Futures


Igniting Bright Futures is supported by the Province of Ontario Skills Development Fund and will be delivered in five locations across Ontario, in both English and French, including Northern, Southwest and Eastern Ontario. The program supports technological educators, guidance counsellors, administrators, community organizations and parents. Two streams offer participants insights into welding and training based on their needs.


Stream 1: Technological Educator Training

This program is designed to enhance the welding skills of secondary school technological educators through hands-on learning opportunities. The program is broken down into three levels and will provide teachers with the knowledge to further support student success.

CWB Education’s online curriculum is the basis for our programs across Canada and is used in over 100 secondary and post-secondary schools in Ontario. These resources will also be used to provide classroom resources and teach technical hands-on welding skills to enhance the professional development and upskilling for instructors.

Level one and two of the program focuses on two common welding processes typically taught in technological education programs at the secondary school level and further student success. Level three focuses on career awareness and allows participants to practice and participate in a CWB weld test to increase their understanding and knowledge of this process. This, in turn, will enable educators to better support their students through the qualification test. At each level, participants will meet several competency-based benchmarks, including gaining valuable industry knowledge, accessing education supports for the classroom and increasing awareness of the career options available in welding, welding-related and skilled trades.


Stream 2:  Welding for Champions Workshops

This stream provides parents, guidance counsellors, administrators, and community organizations the opportunity to learn more about welding and increase awareness of available career opportunities.

The Welcome to Welding half-day workshop allows participants to try welding and gain an awareness of the vast opportunities in welding, welding-related and skilled trades careers. Participants can choose from two options, each providing a different style of hands-on welding experience. The first workshop will allow the participants to ‘strike their first arc’ in a welding shop under the instruction of an experienced welder. In the second option, participants will be able to try out their welding skills using a welding simulator where they will ‘strike their first arc’ in a virtual setting. With either choice, participants will be able to experience welding to understand the skill level required and to be able to share their experience and knowledge to encourage others to do the same. 


Finally, to complement the training and workshops, a hybrid speaker series commencing Fall 2022 will be available to anyone interested in learning more about welding & fabrication, welding-related careers and the skilled trades. Topics covered may include an introduction to the CWB Group and understanding CWB Qualifications, career awareness, understanding barriers to employment and more. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Igniting Bright Futures program, including training, workshops, or the speaker series, please feel free to contact us at info@cwbweldingfoundation.org

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