Mind over Metal Camps

We partner with individuals and secondary school welding facilities to create this unique experience for at-risk youth across Canada.


The CWB Welding Foundation Mind over Metal Camps are an initiative that began with a two week pilot camp in 2014.  This pilot camp was so successful that in 2015 the Foundation hosted 15 camps across Canada, 35 in 2016, and it is expected that this number will exceed 50 in 2017. 

Targeted for at-risk youth ages 12-15, Mind over Metal camps are changing the perceptions of youth and their parents about welding and careers in welding. Hands on learning at these camps is building confidence and self-esteem and giving many youth a reason for continuing on to secondary and post-secondary education. Welding has captured their attention and is giving them a focus for their future.

Industry partnerships are growing as a result of these camps and the CWB Welding Foundation invites industry to contact us for more information on this successful initiative.