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The Women of Steel Forging Forward program aims to increase the number of women in under-represented careers and occupations to break down barriers women experience and improve their economic security.

The program provides learning opportunities that foster education, personal growth, confidence, and experiential learning for women interested in exploring welding and other welding-related and skilled trades careers. The Women of Steel Forging Forward program will be delivered across Canada in both English and French.

The Women of Steel Forging Forward program will include various options to support women in different stages of their careers.

Pre-Employment Program

The pre-employment program includes practical theory, hands-on welding training, and skills development in a safe and supportive environment. It offers a flexible schedule to balance life responsibilities that introduces women to welding and prepares them for entry-level positions or to pursue education opportunities further. Participants are assessed at the program’s onset, and a “pre-trades refresher” is delivered throughout to ensure participants have the basic skills needed to succeed.

Short training periods are used throughout the program to train the participants in several welding processes. Participants can test and obtain up to eight CWB welding qualifications in various positions with multiple processes making graduates ready for an apprenticeship, post-secondary education, and employment. Employers recognize CWB welding qualifications across the world.

Wraparound support will be ongoing throughout the program to help participants while they are enrolled in the program. Examples include childcare, transportation, mental health, wellness supports, cultural competencies, and employment preparation and counselling, as needed.

Women of Steel Mentorship Program

Along with our Women of Steel Ambassadors initiative, a Mentorship Program is also available to support women at all stages in their careers.

Workplace Inclusivity Program

This program also features a Workplace Inclusivity Program that will help improve access, retention, and the advancement of women in welding, fabrication, and other professions.

This program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning Literacy and Essential Skills – Women Employment Readiness Program.

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