Women of Steel

The Women of Steel (WOS) campaign aims to support women in welding, through strategic engagement programs, both virtual and hands-on learning, that connect introductory welders to mentors.



Women across Canada love our Women of Steel programs 

Hundreds of women across Canada have completed the Women of Steel programs feeling enriched and invigorated. Our programs help women encourage, support, and inspire each other by sharing their journeys and experiences in welding and related industries. 

Our Women of Steel programs feature virtual and in-person learning with hands-on experience in a flexible environment led by experienced instructors. Other benefits include a mentorship program and networking opportunities. 

Women of Steel programs are for anyone, including women, non-binary, and those from racialized or marginalized groups such as Indigenous, black, LGBTQ2S, women with disabilities, industry newcomers or those with a prolonged detachment from the labour force. 

The demand for more women in welding, welding-related and skilled trades careers is strong and needs sustaining across many industry sectors. Women can help close this gap, and our programs provide participants with an opportunity to carve their career pathways – benefitting themselves, their families, and the Canadian labour market. Throughout Canada, the CWB Welding Foundation is working diligently to increase awareness and interest in welding and related technologies, and trades to a diverse audience across Canada, including all demographics. 

The Women of Steel initiative is designed to break down barriers experienced in the workplace and encourage more women to choose careers in welding, welding-related and skilled trades. The initiative includes several options for women looking to explore new opportunities or for those looking to advance their careers including: 


The Women of Steel initiative works with industry, educators, and community partners to increase awareness and access for women in welding and the skilled trades. Welding has been identified as a gateway to the skilled trades and other careers as it is used within many specializations.    

The purpose of this initiative is to:  

  • Increase career opportunities for women by providing accessible education, and decrease inequalities, and barriers women may experience in a traditionally male-dominated sector.   

  • Support retention of women in the industry by providing and promoting opportunities for advancement. 


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WOS aims to unite women in both traditional and non-traditional welding careers across Canada and to highlight female welders’ journeys into welding careers and their subsequent career advancement, illustrating both the challenges and opportunities they are tasked with, and how the profession has impacted their lives. Currently over 40 women across Canada are actively involved and contribute to a growing sisterhood of welding professionals, welding engineers, educators, inspectors, academics, and entrepreneurs. This initiative helps to clarify and update perceptions of a career in the skilled trades and illustrates a variety of pathways and new and advanced employment.

Opportunities have included:

  • CWB Association Chapter hosted informational events
  • Web-based roundtable event highlighting WOS participants
  • The development of a mentorship program, pairing young women interested in welding with WOS participants

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