CWB Education and Learning Development

CWB Education and Learning Development


Worker welding

The CWB Welding Foundation and the CWB Group are dedicated to developing education programs that meet the demand for training skilled trades workers in Canada. In conjunction with the CWB Group, we deliver training content that helps students understand fundamental welding and metalwork concepts related to technology education and entry-level trades training.

Learning Resources

The CWB Welding Foundation is committed to providing content for secondary schools across Canada. Educators in secondary schools play an important role in getting students excited about careers in skilled trades, and CWB Education Learning Resources has developed industry-leading content to support educators and engage with youth. Through our world-class Learning Management System (Brightspace), the CWB Welding Foundation supports students and teachers in over 300 high schools and school districts throughout Canada!

Worker welding
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Our Programs

Worker welding

CWB Education Learning Resources will provide teachers and student learners with the most industry-relevant content related to welding and metal fabrication.

Our learning resources support student learning for career and technical education courses for essential and vocational skill development. Interested in learning more about the program? Please download our program brochure for a complete overview of the available programs.

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