2018 CWB Association Welding Educators Conference

On April 24th to 26th, the 7th annual CWB Association Welding Educators conference was held at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta.

On April 24th to 26th, the 7th annual CWB Association Welding Educators conference was held at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary Alberta.  Since 2015, the Canadian Welding Bureau Welding Foundation (CWB Welding Foundation) has had the opportunity to be an active participant at the annual conference.

The conference brings educators together from across the country at the secondary and post-second- ary levels. Industry representatives and various industry specialists among many others in the effort to collaborate and network about the opportunities, challenges and the outlook of the Canadian welding industry moving forward.

With the theme of this year’s conference being Mentorship: Creative Solutions to Engage Your Students in an Innovative Learning Environment, speakers from across Canada facilitated sessions geared towards creating a sustainable, stimulating learning environment for all of their students.

The first day of the conference saw the CWB Acorn team run several sessions from introductions to Acorn to new technical upgrades in Acorn. Day two provided over 13 breakout sessions held for both secondary and post-secondary educators, ranging from procedural fundamentals at the post-sec- ondary level to a project sharing roundtable portal for secondary school teachers to collaborate and support each other. The third day involved another set of breakout sessions coupled with tours of the state of the art SAIT welding and welding engineering technology facilities.

The opportunity to attend the conference is both unique and ben- efi   Those in attendance pointed out that while the conference is a great resource for their own pro- grams, they relish the opportunity to help their peers out, too.

“This conference gave me the chance to collaborate with welding educators from across Canada, discussing and sharing best prac- tices in our classrooms and labs,” said Mike Johnston, Welding instructor at R.B. Russell Vocational School in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Presenting this year on working with at risk youth in Winnipeg‘s inner city, I was given the chance to shed some light on the ongoing challenges my students face on a daily basis.”

While the conference was only three days, Guy Seguin, instructor at Western Québec Career College (WQCC) believes that this conference specifically has provided a framework for a network that could help keep all of them connected for years to come:

“The educators’ conference in Calgary was a great opportunity  to collaborate with other teachers across the country. The breakout sessions were good; I would like to have a follow up discussion with some of the other educators via skype or another platform to discuss implementing all of the shared materials on a type of portal.”

With mentorship being the key theme of this years’ conference, it’s clear to see that judging from the educators who took part in this years’ conference, our students are in very, very good hands!