2019 CWB Welding Foundation Student Award Recipients Announced

CWB Welding Foundation is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2019 Hugh A. Krentz Student Award, Megan Reppard, along with the recipient of the 2019 Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award, Jack Kelly! Congratulations to both of these exemplary students as they further embark on their welding journeys. 

Megan Reppard:

Megan is currently enrolled in her final year of the Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection co-op program at Northern College in Kirkland Lake, ON. Megan has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her academic career at Northern College and has been recognized for her efforts through several other awards throughout the past few years, including the CWB Welding Foundation Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award in 2017. Over the past several years, Megan has spent time volunteering at several CWB Welding Foundation Mind Over Metal Welding camps, where she has shared her knowledge and passion with future generations of potential welders.

Megan is confident that the welding industry will provide a solid, meaningful and rewarding career. Following her upcoming graduation as a Welding Engineering Technologist in 2020, she plans to pursue certification from the International Institute of Welding so that she may work in various countries and can explore the world while working and furthering her experience as a technologist. Megan is also considering extending her knowledge gained at both Northern College and Boreal North Welding and Fabricating to attain an engineering distinction from a university. She believes the best part of the welding industry is that it is dynamic and has multiple career pathways. Megan is passionate about continuing the succession of the welding industry and making a difference whether through inspiration, engineering, or building.


Jack Kelly:

Jack is excited to attend Ready Arc Testing and Training in the Fall, where he will be taking the Pressure Welding Course. At the end of the course, Jack will be CWB tested in 4 position SMAW and Flux Core. Jack has spent the past year discovering his passion for welding and is continuing to strive to become a welder. He completed his grade 12 education with honors and has been involved in extracurricular activities throughout his existing academic career such as volunteering as hockey trainer for two years. Jack had also been elected to student council several times throughout his high school career. He was awarded the Academic Athlete Award which recognized him for his athletic abilities as well as his ability to maintain his impressive academic average.

Most recently, Jack was one of 8 students from Hampton High School in Hampton, New Brunswick, who completed testing and successfully received his Flat (1GF) Position CWB welder qualification as well as his Horizontal Groove (2GF) CWB welder qualification through CWB Accredited Ready Arc Training and Testing facility.

Jack’s High School teacher, James Keleman, was a key facilitator in connecting Jack to a job opportunity at a local business, which Jack has now been employed with for almost two months, where he has had the opportunity to further his knowledge as passion for welding.

In 2018, Hampton High School was one of the four secondary schools in New Brunswick that were part of a cooperative investment project between the Government of New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Irving Oil and CWB Welding Foundation to advance welding and related technology education at four high schools, with contributions totaling over $285,000. The welding shop created at Hampton High School was the first ever for that school and Jack was one of the students to be part of the very first Metal Processing class at Hampton High School.