"I would absolutely love to own my own business that deals with some sector of welding and robotics. During my second year at Conestoga College I fell in love with offline welding robotic programming so that is another career possibility for me."

Update from Tyler, October 2021

“I graduated from the Manufacturing Engineering Technology – Welding and Robotics course April of 2021 with distinction. Upon graduation from Conestoga College, I was promoted from Welder to Automated Welding Robot Technologist at MacDonald Steel Ltd.

The support that I received from the CWB Welding Foundation greatly impacted my education and welding experience in a positive way by allowing me to focus more of my time and attention on my studies. Not to mention all the great literature and programs that are offered by CWB Group and CWB Welding Foundation that I use to this day to further expand my welding knowledge.

I would say that getting into the welding industry has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. I was 28 years old, working a dead-end job when I decided to go back to school so I could join the welding industry. It was one of the toughest journeys that I ever made but I am glad I did it. I am proud to say I have a career now instead of a job. I now work in an industry that proves to be booming and has great potential for advancement.

There are tons of opportunities in the welding industry; no one would have to worry about finding work. If you are someone that loves to build stuff with your hands and learn new skills all the time, then the welding industry is for you. Welding provides diverse opportunities through different sectors such as: aerospace, mining, automotive, and nuclear to name a few. The opportunities are endless.

I am humbled and grateful to be able to share my experiences through my essay! Thank you to CWB Welding Foundation for sharing my story.”



The Hugh A. Krentz Exemplary Student Award was established in 2015 to support Canadian students entering their final year of study in a minimum two-year welding undergraduate program.  

Tyler Martin

Cambridge, Ontario

Conestoga College, Welding and Robotics

Tyler Martin has been fascinated by welding ever since he was introduced to it in high school. He enjoyed welding both in school and when doing odd welding jobs after school. Even as a beginner, he was told he was proficient.

His interest was also sparked by the job opportunities in the field. “There are not enough young adults coming out of high school and college to replace the retiring welders that are already in the industry,” said Tyler.

Tyler has great respect for welding and construction standards, and the importance of learning and following those standards. “Without standards, industry professionals wouldn’t necessarily know what kind of engineering and welding a certain job would require. Welding codes are so imperative to welding engineers because they direct and guide welding events to guarantee quality, safety, and reliability of the related weldment or welded structure.”

Tyler has finished his second year in the Welding and Robotics program at Conestoga College. During his time at Conestoga, he received a number of awards due to his strong probability for career success: the Conestoga College Student Assistance Bursary, the Princess Auto Foundation Bursary, and the Meridian Manufacturing Fabrication Award.

Tyler is also an enthusiastic volunteer and enjoys giving back to the community. “The one thing that I am most passionate as far as volunteering goes is going to each Conestoga College Cambridge campus open house. I want to try to give every possible potential future student the same feeling I had when I first walked into the Cambridge campus doors, and also the same jaw dropping effect that happened to me when I walked into the huge shop class.” He also was an active volunteer with the local CWB Association Student Chapter.

So far during his employment at MacDonald Steel Ltd., Tyler has picked up a number of different skills: from GTAW, MCAW, GMAW processes to blueprint reading. He also acquired his forklift license and is trained in key health and safety practices.

Tyler has big dreams for the future. “I would absolutely love to own my own business that deals with some sector of welding and robotics,” he said. “During my second year at Conestoga College I fell in love with offline welding robotic programming so that is another career possibility for me… I will keep striving for excellence while putting in 110% so that I can have a future that is as bright as a welding arc.”

Congratulations Tyler on your accomplishments so far, and we wish you the best success in the future.