2020 Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award: Nathan Palmerton

“I chose welding because I love the precise and intricate work of metal working.”

This award was established in 2013 to promote and encourage the pursuit of a career in welding. It is meant to support a graduating Canadian secondary school student who is entering a full-time welding technician or welding engineering technology program.

Nathan Palmerton
Saint George, Ontario
Conestoga College, Welding and Fabrication Technician

Nathan Palmerton’s first experience with the trades was through a charity organization called Organized Kaos. Their mandate is to apprentice young people in life and trade, inspiring hope and purpose, by offering a safe environment in which young people work and learn alongside skilled trades persons from local churches. Nathan was offered a job at Carver Cabinetry. His jobs included installing kitchens and cleaning the facility. After working at Carver Cabinetry, he decided to give back to Organized Kaos by donating all of the money that he had earned.

After taking manufacturing technology classes (where he obtained 98%, the highest mark in the class, in grades 10 and 11) and completing a number of projects, Nathan realized that his passion was working with metal instead of wood. Working at his current job with High-Tech Crane Services has inspired him to pursue welding. By being exposed to welding in the workplace, and watching videos on the subject, he began to appreciate its consistency, bead patterns, and welding parameters.

“I chose welding because I love the precise and intricate work of metal working,” said Nathan. “I also desire to have a fulfilling career. I have found satisfaction and enjoyment through welding.”

During his time at High-Tech Crane Services, Nathan was able to learn new skills and experience multiple metal operations. He also learned about the importance of welding and construction standards.

“Safety is always of paramount importance in any type of work,” said Nathan. “Standards are required to protect workers, civilians, and all other people.”

Nathan’s main career goal is to learn as much as possible. He wants to obtain a good general understanding of the knowledge and applications in many areas so he can grow professionally, and he wants to get a deeper understanding of how to be a good worker.

Congratulations Nathan, and best wishes as you pursue your education and career.