CWB Welding Foundation hosts Halton District School Board Safety Training Day

Welding and transportation instructors attended the annual safety training session to educate instructors on best practice in their classrooms.


The CWB Group had the pleasure of hosting Halton District School Board members at our head office on February 14, 2019. In attendance were welding and transportation instructors along with department heads including Veronica Kleinsmith, Tech Board Lead at HDSB. The board hosts annual mandatory safety training sessions to educate instructors on best practices in their classrooms. The exercise not only ensures the well-being of their students but of the trainers as well. The safety training at HDSB was implemented in response to the death of a student in the late 1990s and serves as a reminder of the importance of safety training in the classroom. The seminar is also an opportunity for the board to learn firsthand, what’s happening in the tech classrooms, what needs improvement and any topics of relevance to the schools and its teachers. Dave Lewis, who sits on the Board of Directors for the CWB Welding Foundation, was also one of the facilitators of the training and was able to bring a unique and informative perspective to the discussion. The group started with a morning session where they reviewed new and existing safety regulations with an address from Susan Crowley, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation, who discussed the Foundation’s plans to fund the skilled trades programs in Canadian school boards.

“We appreciate the relationship the Canadian Welding Bureau and the CWB Foundation has with Technological Educators across the province,” shared Kleinsmith during the sessions. “Specifically, for us in Halton, they have been a major supporter of our Halton Skills Competition for many years, worked with our teachers for training opportunities, helped us promote skilled trades to girls, and generously provided our Technological Education classrooms with consumables, capital equipment and support to help raise the profile of skilled trades and expose our students to the many welding career opportunities available.”

To end off a great day, all attendees participated in a TIG safety and theory course in the afternoon because although most of those in attendance were in transportation, welding is a big part of their day and the training would help refresh their skills and expertise. Through programs such as these, the CWB Welding Foundation continues to lend its support to the industry and ensures that safe welding practice remains its topmost priority.

The CWB Group would like to thank the Halton District School Board for implementing such a great initiative in its schools and continuing its longstanding partnership with our organization.