Forging Forward Together With The Women of Steel™ Ambassador & Allies Campaign: Join Our Mission

Woman of Steel participant welding a T joint in the horizontal position using the Shielded Metal Arc welding process.

With the growing gap in the labour force, the demand for women in welding, welding-related and skilled trades careers continues to grow. And while this sounds like an intimidating feat, we’re on a mission to bridge that gap and support women as they carve their own pathways.  

How will we accomplish it? With individuals and organizations (in and outside of the welding industry) committed to bridging the gap with us.  

About Women Of Steel™: Forging Forward  

The Women of Steel™: Forging Forward project – through a Workplace Inclusivity Pilot, Ambassador & Allies Campaign and pre-employment program – is determined to create a safe environment for learning, connection, and skill building. The pre-employment program will be delivered by 14 partners across Canada to provide women with the opportunity to build qualifications and skills to find sustainable employment. 

Individuals who identify as a woman and/or non-binary are eligible to participate in the pre-employment programming, which is hosted at partner sites across the country. This includes those from racialized or marginalized groups such as Indigenous, Black, newcomers, LGBTQ2S, women with disabilities, or with a prolonged detachment from the labour force. 

Becoming an Ambassador & Ally 

To reach, support and empower women, along with countless others considering careers in a welding or welding-related field, we rely on our partners, ambassadors, allies, mentors and other stakeholders to help us.  

We are looking for Ambassadors and Allies to amplify our programming and partnerships and join in our mission to support women as they explore new career opportunities, enhance their skills and support not only themselves and their families, but also the Canadian labour market.  

By registering today to become an Ambassador and Ally, you will:  

  • Receive a bi-weekly update with new programming and opportunities to share with your network; 
  • Be invited to share your own story and journey to inspire and empower our community; 
  • Be invited to apply as a mentor for our Mentorship platform to guide and connect directly with women in welding or considering entering the field;  
  • And more!  

Join Our Mission 

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