Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award 2020 Recipient: Madison Whiting

“I believe welding is such an important trade because it is used to make something every single day."

The Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award was established in 2013 to promote and encourage the pursuit of a career in welding. It is meant to support a graduating Canadian secondary school student who is entering a full-time welding technician or welding engineering technology program.

Madison Whiting
Sudbury, Ontario
Cambrian College, Welding and Fabrication Technician

Madison Whiting had never thought about working in the trades because she didn’t know of many women in the industry. But her interest was piqued in grade 11 when she attended an open house at Cambrian College. After that, she decided to take some trades-related courses in high school, such as automobile mechanics, construction and welding. “I had no idea that school could be so fun,” she said. After her first welding workshop, she knew that she had found what she wanted to pursue in the future.

“I love the adrenaline rush I get when I step into a shop and I love the thought of a new challenge each day,” said Madison. Although Madison isn’t sure what she wants to specialize in, she hopes to one day become a boilermaker or a pipeline welder.

“I believe welding is such an important trade because it is used to make something every single day: water towers, steam tanks, bridges, train tracks, attractions, buildings and the list goes on. Our world is held up with the help of welders and without them, it wouldn't be able to stay standing.”

In her second semester, Madison took a dual credit “Introduction to Trades” course at Collège Boréal. She also completed a co-op placement at the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Union Local 128, where she got a good sense of what working in the industry is like. She was there multiple times a week receiving tips, tricks and guidance from experienced boilermakers. She was told that she was a quick learner and was offered the chance to test for her CWB tickets. Although that process was cut short when COVID-19 struck, Madison is grateful for her time there, and is determined to pursue her dreams.

In her spare time, Madison plays multiple musical instruments and she is an enthusiastic volunteer. She especially loves to work with young children and get them interested in the trades.

“My little sister who is 11 years old looks up to me and now wants to follow suit and go into the trades like me when she enters high school in a couple years,” said Madison.

Congratulations to Madison for being one of the 2020 recipients of the Joseph G. Doria Exemplary Student Award.