Passion and Drive Lead to Student’s Success in Receiving Prestigious Award

The Hugh A. Krentz Award presented to Colin Murphy

Working in the engineering field was always on the mind of Colin Murphy, however, there was a little reluctance until the window of opportunity opened up just a crack, and from that moment on, he hasn’t looked back.

The window of opportunity was when he heard from a friend how great the Welding Engineering Technology course was at the College of the North Atlantic’s Burin Campus, and when his job became redundant.

“I have some great friends, who graduated from the program, and I’ve contemplated for the last five years on returning to college, but it wasn’t the right timing until recently,” said the 41-year-old. “Having made that decision has paid of significant dividends and I’m glad I made that choice.”

Another window of opportunity for the second year welding engineering technology student from Parker’s Cove, a small rural town on the Burin Peninsula, would soon open in September 2015 when his instructor informed him of CWB Welding Foundation’s Hugh A. Krentz Student Award.

The Hugh A. Krentz Award is a national award established in 2015 to honour the contributions of Mr. Krentz as a member of the CWB Group Board of Directors from 1979-2010, and his passion and leadership related to the development and use of construction standards and their resulting contribution to protecting the safety of the public.

“My first thought on applying was the great recognition, and if I’d only be lucky enough receive it,” he said. “Then I thought about the financial aspect – returning to college as a mature student, while being a husband and father of two children can be very expensive. So I believed in my academic abilities and said ‘why not’ and I applied.”

The award, with a monetary value of $7,500, is given to a Canadian student enrolled in their final year of study in a 2 or 3 year welding engineering technology or engineering undergraduate program who shows exemplary academic excellence, a passion for the welding industry, and a passion for standardization and public safety.

“When Deborah Mates called me, I thought she was awarding me the CWB Association Student Award which I applied for as well,” he said. “After a few seconds, I realized what she was saying. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to say to her. I was so thankful to her, Mr. Krentz and the CWB Welding Foundation. The CWB Welding Foundation has been so good to me and my family since I started this program. Just last June I was awarded the CanWeld Conference

Student Award. This award is so important to me. Imagine, being selected by Mr. Krentz himself. This is a great accomplishment and the hard work paid off and I’m so very much grateful I want to thank the CWB/CWB Association for recognizing me with this great award. Also, I would personally like to thank Hugh Krentz, Deborah Mates, Dan Tadic and the selection committee for choosing me as the Hugh A. Krentz Student Award winner.

Once the father of two graduates, he inspires to be a welding Visual Inspector/Non-Destructive Testing Inspector and with continued education and work experience, he hopes to fast track into a Quality Assurance Role.

“Welding is such a great profession,” he said. “I wish I had entered this profession at an earlier age, but better late than never. The study of welding is such a technical, interesting field. I really enjoy studying the metallurgical properties of different materials and how they react under different circumstances. I love preparing macro samples and viewing them under a microscope to investigate the grain structures. Everything aspect of the welding profession peaks my interest.”

Deborah Mates, Executive Director of the CWB Welding Foundation, said Colin was the perfect candidate because of his passion for the welding profession and academic excellence.

“Through his application, he demonstrated his abilities and desire to receive this award,” she said. “It’s rewarding knowing the CWB Welding Foundation assisted Colin to accomplish his overall goals. He’s going to be very successful and a great asset to the overall welding industry because of his passion and drive.”