Train the Trainer; Enhancing Teacher Education

CWA Foundation has conducted 7 Train the Trainer sessions since last January

It is always so inspiring to see the outcomes of the CWA Foundation initiatives. We are always striving to impact the welding community while in keeping with the CWA Foundation’s two key mandates; support public safety awareness and address the welding labour shortage in Canada. We have continued to develop our initiatives to reach more individuals and address topics like lack of equipment, funding, and support of education for youth, students, and educators.

One of our most important initiatives this past year has been the further development of our Train the Trainer sessions. One of the main reasons CWA Foundation began this initiative well over a year ago is to address the varying degree of skill and knowledge at the high school educator level. CWA Foundation not only wants high school students to be learning the correct way to weld, but also be able to offer instruction in a safe environment. Safety is a top priority, and Andrew Bartlett, Technical Outreach Officer for the CWA Foundation is keen on ensuring safety is number one in the classroom.

“Most of the teachers involved in the Train the Trainer sessions do not have prior official welder training. This is a major concern for CWA Foundation and I am thrilled to be able to offer educational sessions that provide a safer learning environment for students.”

CWA Foundation has conducted 7 Train the Trainer sessions since last January. The locations of these sessions are; two at William E. Hayes Youth Detention Center, Ottawa, Ontario; Superior Collegiate Vocational Institute, Lakehead Public school board, Thunder bay Ontario; New Brunswick Ministry of Education; Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board; two at Ottawa Catholic District School Board. Throughout the two day workshops Andrew was able to train the teachers on the basics of shielded metal arc welding, including a brief intro into weld faults, how to assess and evaluate a weld, and facilitated hands-on welding techniques. Through a partnership with CWBi, CWA Foundation has integrated Acorn welding education materials into the Train the Trainer sessions to provide combined theory and practical welding topics. CWA Foundation also provides the newly developed Acorn curriculum at no charge to high schools with welding programs.

Armed with new educational tools, safety tips, and knowledge, the teachers returned to their classrooms with a better understanding of weld basics which makes a safer environment for all involved. It is so important that we continue to address the concerns of high school educators because they are the forces influencing our students. Without proper skills, knowledge, and safety equipment and procedures, students wouldn’t learn all there is to learn about welding in Canada and the vast opportunities available to them.

Train the Trainer is available to groups of secondary school welding or related discipline teachers that are interested in improving their knowledge of welding. Andrew Bartlett can be contacted to discuss organizing a Train the Trainer workshop within your local school district by e-mail or phone 1 800 844 6790 x 237 or 613 883 7458.