Women Unlimited

A pilot program between Women Unlimited, Irving Shipbuilding Inc (ISI) and NSCC

Nineteen women celebrated the first milestone in a pilot program between Women Unlimited, Irving Shipbuilding Inc (ISI) and NSCC.

The women, who completed the Women Unlimited 14-week Career Exploration Program in Metal Trades at NSCC Akerely Campus, are set to begin either the NSCC Metal Fabrication or Welding diploma programs this fall 2015. The pilot is part of the Irving Shipbuilding Centre of Excellence, an initiative designed to support training for a new generation of skilled tradespersons. The aim of the Irving Shipbuilding Centre of Excellence − an initiative established by ISI and NSCC − is to build opportunities for careers in shipbuilding for Nova Scotians with particular focus on diverse communities currently under-represented in Irving Shipbuilding’s workforce and the sector itself. The centre is not a physical struc­ture, but a pathway for people to connect to the training that leads to careers in shipbuilding.

Women Unlimited Manager Doreen Parsons says, “This partner­ship is a win/win for the women and for the shipbuilding industry. The women will begin building careers with a great future and the industry will build strength through increased diversity. We are very proud to be partners in this initiative and value the support from industry.”

Denise Watters, a participant of the Women Unlimited program, says the pilot program is a great opportunity for each woman. “This program is setting us up for success. I’m overjoyed to be a part of it and to imagine what it will mean for my future.”

Each program graduate was provided with educational bursaries from IS and the CWB Welding Foundation that can be used to cover costs of the two-year metal trades pro­grams they’ll begin this fall.