Welding is for everyone: Newcomers experience welding at Saint John, N.B. Mind Over Metal Camp

Woman of Steel participant welding a T joint in the horizontal position using the Shielded Metal Arc welding process.

Twenty newcomers to Canada between the ages of 11-17 tried their hands at welding during the CWB Welding Foundation Mind Over Metal camp in Saint John, New Brunswick. This camp was held at Harbour View High School, June 25-29, 2018. The group of newcomers included boys and girls and focused on introducing them to the trade in a safe, encouraging environment.

“It was a great opportunity for students from many different backgrounds to come together and learn a new skill,” said Andrew Clarke, welding instructor, Harbour View High School. “It was great to see the enthusiasm and eagerness for learning new skills. I am very thankful for all the support that I received from the Anglophone South School District, the YMCA newcomers’ connection and the CWB Welding Foundation. They all made this possible.”

Many of the female students involved had come from countries where prospects like this were not provided to them. They were able to build self-confidence and pride in a trade where there are many career opportunities available to them.

Clarke ensured all camp participants were considered when executing this camp. He ensured that girls within the community knew they were invited to attend the camp, as it wasn’t just for boys. Special care was even taken when ordering food so that it was culturally appropriate and everyone was able to enjoy all aspects of the camp. CWB Welding Foundation prioritizes equal opportunity for newcomers, women, at risk youth, Indigenous, disabled, and disadvantaged.

This camp was one of about 84 camps scheduled for 2018 across Canada, with many camps focusing on Indigenous youth, Women, at risk youth, and newcomers.